Permaculture Books

Here is a list of recommended reading and other resources:

Permaculture: A Designers’ Manual – Bill Mollison

This is the

Introduction to Permaculture – Bill Mollison

Permaculture: Principles and Pathways beyond Sustainability – David Holmgren

Earth User’s Guide to Permaculture, 2nd Edition – Rosemary Morrow

Permaculture One: A Perennial Agricultural System for Human Settlements (A Corgi book) – Bill Mollison

Permaculture Two: Practical Design for Town and Country in Permanent Agriculture – Bill Mollison

Permaculture Plants: A Selection, 2nd Edition – Jeff Nugent

Perennial Vegetables: From Artichokes to Zuiki Taro, A Gardener’s Guide to Over 100 Delicious and Easy to Grow Edibles – Eric Toensmeier

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